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The Boutique Business Consultancy from Munich

Your Partner in Corporate Planning

Founded in 2012, DAHLBEER is your partner in corporate planning, delivering services in defining corporate planning processes, implementing processes using SAP technology and maintaining planning applications. DAHLBEER has two main competences:

1. Consulting – services delivered at the client site, providing classic project management, agile project management, process consulting and architecture consulting.

2. Technical implementation – architecture, design with the focus on performance optimization, implementation in SAP BW IP and BPC, plus maintenance and application management services.

DAHLBEER is a one-stop-shop for corporate planning. We focus exclusively on strategic, tactical and operational planning projects in finance and controlling, marketing, merchandising, multi-channel sales and HR. Our consultants have Controlling and Business Administration background and up to 17 years of SAP experience. The exclusive focus on SAP frameworks gives our team deep understanding of the technology, guaranteeing the best possible solutions for our clients.

DAHLBEER team currently consists of sixteen handpicked members, each with a unique personality. We are all coming from different countries and speaking multiple languages. What brings us together are the values we share and the passion for what we do. At DAHLBEER we focus on our strengths. We mentor our junior colleagues, empowering them with the skills necessary to reach their career goals.

A client, a business partner, an expert or a student, we are glad to get to know you. Our team is here to answer any of your questions!

Would you like to learn more about the value we can add to your Corporate Planning?

Get in touch with our managing partners, Christoph and Kosta!

Project methodology - is this a topic you are curios about?

Tobias will gladly share his experience with the multiple approaches applied in various projects!

Technology and implementation are most interesting for you?

Our lead experts in SAP BW/IP and HANA - Gizela and Boyan - will tell you everything about IT architecture, design, and performance optimization.

What are the opportunities to join DAHLBEER? Would you like to join our team?

To find out more, reach out to Aleksandra

At DAHLBEER, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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