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SAP Analytics Cloud UX Transformation

Join us on an exciting UX transformation as we execute transformation of a dashboard in SAP Analytics Cloud. In this post you will find a collection of ongoing series of articles on user experience for BI & Planning tools. Our goal is to enhance how we interact with data through better design.

Latest update: 25.03.2024

Dashboard Before and After image


In recent years, BI tools have evolved significantly, offering limitless possibilities to visualize and present data, however, humans are not always quick to adapt. We are constrained by the limitations of memory and perception, underscoring the importance of carefully crafting data screens to accommodate our cognitive abilities.

At the heart of any BI or Planning solution lies its usability - the true marker of its value. Solutions that aren't user-friendly end up forgotten, failing to make a meaningful impact on organizational information flow.

Throughout this series of articles, we'll share invaluable insights from our experiences, highlighting best practices and common mistakes.

Our product portfolio dashboard app in SAP analytics Cloud will be our canvas for this transformative journey. Together, we'll collaboratively enhance its effectiveness, tackling one component at a time.

Before delving deeper, let's briefly revisit the dashboard's original business case:

● Medium-sized fashion and sports goods company;

● Regional planners curate a product list and allocate quantities;

● Dashboard serves to summarize the results of portfolio planning for management;

● Provides visibility into portfolio coherence and efficiency;

● Facilitates managerial adjustments.

Step 1: Data Context

Step 2: Implied Data

Step 3: Level of Detail

Step 4: Media Format

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