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SAP Analytics Cloud For Planning: 2024 Innovation Strategy

2024 starts with a bang for SAP Analytics Cloud!

We're thrilled to share that we've participated in an SAP partners' webinar on the future of SAP Analytics Cloud for planning, diving into the 2024 roadmap and beyond.

We got a first look at some game-changing features and we're eager to share some insights with you.

Here are some of the future innovation topics in SAC:

Advanced Modeling: Enabling faster model creation and unprecedented flexibility in managing public and private dimensions.

Datasphere Integration: Seamless integration for planning models into SAP Datasphere.

Column Structures: Introducing a long-awaited capability that will enable more flexible reporting structures for comprehensive analysis.

And there's more! We were particularly impressed by two revolutionary AI-driven features:

Just Ask: An embedded generative AI that intelligently displays data in response to natural language questions.

Story AI Assistant: A tool that not only designs and arranges widgets on a story canvas but also generates JavaScript code from user-described logic.

We firmly believe these innovations will not only enhance the SAC experience for business users but also accelerate the prototyping phase for sophisticated corporate projects.

In the coming weeks, we'll delve deeper into these features and explore what they mean for businesses. Once available in our preview SAC tenant, we'll share a hands-on demo. For more information on these topics, feel free to contact us directly.

Follow us to stay updated on how these upcoming features can transform your SAC experience.

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