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Short-time working Subsidy Calculation Tool

To be able to create automation tool in short period of time, is very important in time of crisis. That’s why, we at DAHLBEER decided to create a simple application (in SAP Analytics Cloud) that can help you calculate the amount of COVID-19 related subsidy, that you can receive from your government.

The application has input parameters, which can be adjusted according to your needs.

To use the tool, simply upload a flat file with the needed details (employee name and gross salary) or add records on the fly in the table.

In the dashboard tab you can find a chart with three columns: total employer costs before subsidy, total government subsidy and total employer costs after subsidy. You can also compare the metrics and see the difference in percentages.

If you would like to have better view on the application, please check the video below:

Article pictures for the application are kindly provided by authors Pch.vector, Rosapuchalt, Macrovector and Freepik from

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