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Planning with SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud and it's planning functionalities

SAP Analytics Cloud or (SAC) is a cloud-based framework for all business analytics. It connects people, information, and ideas to enable fast and confident decision-making. Thanks to its modern machine learning technology and embedded artificial intelligence, SAC helps users gain valuable insights into their business, simplifies their access to critical information, and empowers them with informed decision-making.

In a series of videos, we would like to demonstrate the planning and reporting functionalities of SAP Analytics Cloud. To do so, we will build an application that is split into a sequence of process steps. These steps represent a realistic business workflow and use a practical dataset to help the audience relate their own business needs to our showcase scenario.

In the video below, you will discover our demand planning step implementation. As the first step in the planning process, the user is given the chance to create their own product clustering and subsequently use it in the planning process.

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