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Custom Implementation Possibilities with SAP Analytics Cloud

The versatility and flexibility of SAP Analytics Cloud enables us to develop custom features that can greatly benefit the planning and reporting process. The list below contains various designs we have implemented.


Filtering Data via Charts

The charts in SAP Analytics Cloud can be used to trigger filtering of data in both tables and other charts. This feature enables easy and intuitive navigation through data and removes the dependency on dedicated filer menus.

Chord Chart

The Chord Chart is a custom R visualization that makes it easy for users to spot relationships and quantify them. It can be used in single dimension hierarchies as well as to show cross-dimensional dependencies.

Word Cloud

The Word Cloud is another custom R visualization that shows the most frequently encountered terms in a specific data set. The size of the entries represents their frequency and the colour can represent any other metric.

Speedometer Gauge

The speedometer gauge is a custom widget that displays values (e.g. percentages) in a much more natural way for the users.

Images in Charts

The ability to bind charts with images is a great addition for any application dealing with products or materials.

Navigation Panel

The custom data navigation panel enables users to change granularities of the data sets they are exploring, as well as modify the grid to their own convenience.

Toggle Buttons

The toggle buttons are a simple but powerful component boosting the interactivity of the application and enabling easy access to a number of resources on the same page.

Planning via Percentage Slider

The percentage planning slider enables users to plan visually percentage increase/decrease of a value. When the handle of the slider is released, all tables and charts are updated. This behaviour makes it possible for the users to try out several scenarios before committing to a final value.

Visual Planning via Image Selection

This feature aims to simplify planning by allowing users to users objects ( e.g. products) by clicking on a picture and then place them in different categories ( e.g. boxes).It makes planning a bit more easy and enjoyable to planners, than entering numbers in tables and can be used for a multitude of processes and functions.

Pocket Calculator

The pocket calculator is a convenient tool that provides basic calculation functionality directly in-app for a selected data cell. It can revaluate the data by adding or subtracting numbers and percentages and eliminates the need for manual calculations.

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