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We love to craft with you

xP&A solutions

that inspire success

Start the journey with a workshop

  • Drive a customer-centric rolling plan with full commitment across all hierarchy levels.

  • Create an aligned plan to set a course of action for all business functions.

  • Increase demand accuracy and operational efficiency.

Sales and Operations
  • Provide all the transparency the organization needs with a top-down and bottom-up alignment.


  • Run financial simulation scenarios to prepare for a volatile environment.


  • Let finance set the right moves on a rolling basis to reach the challenging annual targets.

Finance and Controlling

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  • Optimize a product portfolio with customer-centric lenses to create impact and reduce waste.


  • Eliminate your c-tail products to massively increase profitability.

  • Create a consistent brand image to grow recognition and loyalty. 


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  • Create full cost transparency and seamlessly plan the growth of you most important asset. 


  • Retain talent at a global level with a unified and clear process.

  • Create a stable approach that supports flexible restructuring in business units and functions.


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Set actionable goals.
Align business functions.
Drive agile decisions along the way.
Can SAP Analytics Cloud cover my planning scenario?
Start with a standard or tailored solution?
  • Define clear responsibility of architecture layers and drive landscape simplification.

  • Bring data in order in a heterogeneous system environment.

  • Streamline the data product life cycle and bring transparency with metadata cataloging.

Architecture & Governance
  • Bridge data from SAP and Non-SAP sources in an open cloud environment.

  • Advance your logical data warehouse gradually from data federation to persistence.

  • Provide a controlled workspace for self-service scenarios that merge governed & external data.


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  • Create highly adaptable models that balance abstraction and value-ad for dedicated scenarios.

  • Bring KPIs to the next level by allowing reuse and cross calculations between functions.


  • Virtualise entire dataflows with real-time calculations to provide an unique advantage.

Intelligent Modelling

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  • Manage smartly your hot, warm and cold data tiers based on business value-ad.

  • Balance system resource utilization to make sure your data warehouse stays efficient 24/7.

  • Find the right sizing and optimize your cost on premise or in the cloud.

Performance & Scale

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Secure a trusted data foundation.
Model intelligently and versatile.
Democratize data all across.
Need a guideline to successfully transition to BW/4 and Datasphere?
Position planning seamlessly in your data management architecture.
  • Move swiftly with the vision of the leadership team by enforcing the right KPIs.

  • Enable steering scenarios on a strategic goal and measure the execution.

  • Manage your team’s success digitally with cascading OKRs.

Strategic Performance Management
  • Bring threats and opportunities to the leadership table.


  • Ensure alignment across functions and cascade an action plan digitally.


  • Create top-down and bottom-up transparency of outcomes.

Executive Scenarios

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  • Find insights to support your tactical action plan and decision making.

  • Engage actively and collaborate with various teams digitally based on analytical scenarios.


  • Let AI-generated data scenarios spark ideas and support your what-if analysis.

Tactical Analytics

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  • Find out the details to complete the picture.


  • Bring bottom-up evidence to support your tactics.


  • Broadcast only the relevant data to the right people and create efficiency in operations.

Operational reporting

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Create value from data.
Provide context to scenarios.
Make data fuel outcomes.
Organize your KPIs in a consistent storyline that drives real outcomes.
Improve your enterprise steering with digital collaboration on insights.
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