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Selective Deletion from Advanced DSO (Advanced Data Store Object)

The Advanced DataStore Object (ADSO) was introduced in SAP BW 7.4 SP8. Its design was meant to simplify the SAP BW landscape. Currently, SAP BW offers a large number of objects that can be used for data modeling. These objects have their pros and cons and some are preferred over others depending on the data model they are used for. The Advanced DSO consolidates the functionality of a DataStore Object, a PSA, an InfoCube and a Hybridprovider into a single object and completely replaces these objects in data models built in BW 7.4 SP8 and onwards. In older versions of BW, selective deletion for a DSO was conveniently available as a button through the “Manage” screen which is accessible through the context menu of the object. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case with ADSOs. The option is now hidden in the “Environment” drop-down menu of the Manage screen which is not as intuitive as it used to be.

Selective deletion from ADSO can be also done with a standard ABAP program. In transaction SE38, you need to execute program RSDRD_DELETE_FACTS, select the Advanced DSO, enter the selection criteria and execute.

Before executing the program, there are 3 program properties available. If You choose “Generate deletion program”, you can set a name and use the program later. The deletion program can be used in process chains too.

Another transaction DELETE_FACTS, uses the same ABAP program for selective deletion form an Advanced DSO.

In the ADSO there is no request-based deletion available, so selective deletion remains the only option for removing data.

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